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Scrrrt … anyone in Sydney know what this is a painting of? (March 2018)


Watercolour innit!! Yep letters copied from that wall on Ivy Lane in Redfern … trees, path n grass are an impressionistic take on the trees, path n grass down at Redfern Park!! (September 2017)


Image inspired by a Borussia Dortmund banner! (July 2016)


My bruddah and I … CFC and the sub club on the left and right, ‘boys’ spelled ‘bhoys’ because that’s what you refer to people who play for CFC as (June 2016)


Drawing of a good friend … definitely Australian … not sure if Communist (May 2016)


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Pre-election, post-idiocy – Mr Trump (aka the Trumpet) trumpeting his nonsense! (April 2016)